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The Martial Instinct Self Defense Reviews

  • I looked at several martial arts schools before choosing TMI for my daughter.  I was impressed with the combination of traditional martial arts principles and effective self-defense.  TMI teaches a total package of strikes, kicks, blocks, joint locks, and throws.  The training in rolls, falls and grappling is second to none.  My daughter loves it!  And I could not be happier with what she’s learning.

    In Hapkido, Katie is learning how to defend herself against strikes, holds and even multiple attackers.  Most importantly, she’s learning how to be aware of, and avoid, dangerous situations.  In the last several months, I’ve seen her confidence grow by leaps and bounds.  I know that the challenging but supportive teachers at TMI are the reason.

    Since my daughter joined TMI, she is stronger, more physically fit and more confident.  She's learned to concentrate better under pressure, to push herself physically when she's tired, and to respect herself through her achievements. I could not be happier with how the teachers at TMI are helping her understand what confident self-respect is.  And I can't think of a more important lesson for her to learn as she heads into her teenage years.

    The teachers at TMI are excellent martial artists, first rate educators, and are deeply involved in the community.  They are parents themselves so they understand our hopes and concerns for Katie.  As teachers, they strike just the right balance between being supportive and pushing their students to discover what they are capable of.



    Michael O'Neilll

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