Alex Alberg | Martial Arts Instructor

Adult Martial Arts near Hopedale

Alex Alberg

Alex Alberghas been training since 2008. Mr.Alberg considers himself one of very few lucky enough to have worked from the rank of White belt to Black under the guidance of four-time world champion Professor Carlos Terrinha. Since earning his Black belt from Professor Terrinha in December 2016, he continues to keep Jiu Jitsu a priority in his life. He currently teaches in Lincoln, Rhode Island as a Terrinha Draculino Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Affiliate, a position he has maintained since 2013. With competition experience and plans to continue competing, Mr.Alberg believes in a balance of self defense and competition mindset. Whether its for sport/competition, self defense, weight loss, or just to try something different and start a new, healthy lifestyle, Mr.Alberg strives to meet each student's individual preferences, needs and strengths. He finds honor in being chosen and trusted to guide each student thru his/her journey in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

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