Sharon Nadeau Gilmore | Martial Arts Instructor

Adult Martial Arts near Hopedale

Sharon Nadeau Gilmore

Sharon first came to TMI Self-Defense in 2001, as a mother. Her daughter, was enrolled in the Hapkido Kids class. When her daughter was invited to participate in the adult class, Sharon decided to join just to keep her daughter company.

Since that time she has barely missed an opportunity to train and was awarded her black belt in Hapkido in 2010, the only woman in our school history to receive a black belt.

Sharon has attended many seminars where she has had the opportunity to meet and train with world renowned masters of Hapkido.

She continues her Hapkido training under Master Ortla

Sharon currently instructs in the Children and Women's Only Hapkido Class as well as assists in the Adult Hapkido classes.

Sharon Gilmore is a 2nd degree Black Belt in Hapkido

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