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Our Tiny Tigers program is the perfect activity to get your kids excited about a new hobby, while learning important skills and values. The core principles of focus, discipline, respect, and self confidence are incorporated in all of our sessions.


Our Hopedale classes provide your kids with new and exciting ways to stay active while learning essential self-defense skills! Hapkido Kids classes at The Martial Instinct are sure to surround your child with a positive influence so that they can stay out of trouble and reach their full potential!


Learn self defense moves through a combination of mixed martial arts. Our Young Adult Martial Arts program is proven to increase the confidence, awareness, responsiveness, and physical fitness of our students!


You can learn to defend yourself while getting the best workout of your life. When you take on our Adult Hapkido classes at The Martial Instinct Self Defense in Hopedale, you can have it all!


This incredible women-only program offers women in Hopedale the opportunity to learn Hapkido and self defense in a less intimidating class setting. Our Womens Only Hapkido program is proven to increase your confidence, awareness, responsiveness, and physical fitness!


JEET KUNE DO aka JKD is Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method and is often considered the precursor to modern Mixed Martial Arts.  Intended for Self Defense, Bruce Lee’s personal martial art was an evolution that began with his training in various Kung Fu systems and later incorporating elements of Western Boxing, Kickboxing, Fencing, and Grappling.  Using Bruce Lee’s approach, we seek to create our own personalized styles that scientifically and logically make sense for each individual student.



Filipino Kali & Indonesian Pentjak Silat are cousin arts from Southeast Asia.  Filipino Kali encompasses an entire spectrum of weaponry and also featuring sophisticated empty hand concepts, Kali is highly efficient and a combat-proven art.  Indonesian Pentjak Silat  involves various complex and intricate empty hand and foot maneuvers, clever and unique multiple joint locking, sweeping and throwing manipulations, and ground self defense.


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